Friday, April 19, 2013

Puck: What if Visors gave an Advantage?

The loudest cry against mandatory visors is that it affects your vision and no one wants to give that up.  Fair enough, although it's probably complete bovine deification considering how many of the league's elite scorers wear them, but let's go with it for right now.  But what if you were trading that disadvantage for an active advantage?  Would more people go for visors?  (Also, since a majority of the league already wears them, this post is about four years late).

Looking into the future, maybe a year, maybe five, and maybe 10, technology may exist that could do that.  Imagine the technology behind Google Glass taken to the next step where the visor functions as both a piece of protective equipment as well as an active Heads Up Display (or HUD for those not in the military and/or into video games).

I'm picturing a HUD that has facial recognition that will identify teammates and opponents on the ice and will inform you of known tendencies (Dion Phaneuf is shooting: DUCK!) and weaknesses (Steve Mason's pads are undersized because he never got the memo).

Of course, the flip side to this is that a breakaway could turn into a mental version of the Battle of Wits from the Princess Bride (starting at 1:25 of the clip below):

Do you think the NHL, or any other league, would ever want their players to be reading this much information real time or getting updates from a JARVIS like computer?  Would this help or hinder coaches?  Or would players just use the visor's computer to take screenshots of the hotties sitting in the lower bowl?

It sure would be an effective way to get players to put on visors, if not already mandated at that time.

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