Monday, April 1, 2013

Hockey Trade I Wish Would Happen on April Fools Day

I attempted to try and explain what I think would be an awesome trade in 140 characters on Twitter.  Didn't work.  I needed at least a good 150.

So, here's the hypothetical trade I'd love to see on April Fools one year.  Which, really can only be during a lockout shortened city when the trade deadline is pushed back this late, but work with me.  It'll happen in 9 years.  Calling it now, if anyone wants to favorite this page.

The last three CBAs expired resulted in lockouts.  Why not go four for four, right?  Who's got skills at predicting the future?  Well, Besides Nostradamus.  This guy! 

But on to the fun trade idea.  Let's get 6 hypothetical teams together for some zaniness.

Chicago sends Corey Crawford to Buffalo
Buffalo sends Ryan Miller to Detroit
Detroit sends Niklas Kronwall to Toronto
Toronto sends Tyler Bozak to Vancouver
Vancouver sends Roberto Luongo to Florida
Florida sends a first round pick to Chicago

Chicago sends Florida's 1st round pick to Vancouver
Vancouver sends Bozak to Detroit
Detroit sends Miller to Florida
Toronto sends Kronwall to Buffalo
Buffalo sends Corey Crawford to Toronto
Florida sends Luongo to Chicago

Chicago sends Luongo to Vancouver
Vancouver sends Florida's 1st to Florida
Florida sends  Miller to Buffalo
Buffalo sends Kronwall to Detroit (with a second round pick, for no particular reason)
Detroit sends Bozak to Toronto
Toronto sends Crawford to Chicago

That would be the best trade deadline ever.  NHL GMs.  Sack up and give us something hysterical on Wednesday.  It's the least you can do after the lockout.

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