Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 NHL playoffs round 3 drinking game

I apologize for the rough formatting but until I'm back in civilization this will have to do. 

Much like an ill timed vacation, playoffs can take over your life. As we 're down to the NHL's final four, here are some rules for the next round of hockey.  Some make fun of friends who  are no longer with us (Ottawa). 

Drink if Someone has an awful playoff anthem
Drink 2 if they keep using terrible ones from prior rounds
Drink 3 if it features a spartan. 
Drink if a Superstar has a super star effort yet everyone acts surprised
Drink whenever Your twitter feed is filled with more expletives than usual. 
Drink when Someone complains about officiating
Drink 2 if there's a fine
Drink 2 if someone on the other team goes postal the following game and gets penalized/fined
Drink when A lower round rookie looks really good and the scouts get second guessed. 
Drink 2 if its a defenseman or goalie (read: traditionally later developing positions). 
Drink when Someone is complaining about the other team diving.
Drink when The team implicated in diving above responds with "we don't dive. You dive!  You diver, you."
Drink when A good player gets benched
Drink 2 if its not brad Richards. 
Drink The controversial move worked
Drink when Someone makes a gif of an embarrassing mistake. 
Drink It's even more hysterical with words or cartoons added to it.

More to be added later! 

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