Saturday, March 23, 2013

Odd Statistics: Martin Brodeur Edition

When thinking about the future Hall of Fame goalie Martin Brodeur three things come to mind; his win and shutout records, his being the primary reason hockey fans had to look up what a trapezoid is, and fat jokes (which will never get old, please see Wellwood, Kyle for further evidence).

In, at the time of me typing this, in 1,205 NHL regular season games he has two goals, 41 assists to go along with his gaudy 665 wins and 120 shut outs. He's been in the league longer than four teams and has more wins than 26 current and former teams (based on statistics at  Wins for teams that moved overnight hoping no one would notice relocated are separated by location.  So Brodeur has more wins than both the Atlanta Thrashers and the Winnipeg Jets (although, the Thrasher's statistics are surprisingly not given, further suggesting that the NHL is just hoping nobody remembers they existed).  If I was this person, I'd be a little worried about going near any black van with tinted windows and an NHL logo on it.

So here's where Brodeur stacks up when compared to NHL teams past and present (and I promise to figure out why my tables look like they're the stats page on NHL 94).

Just to be able to compare an individual to a team is amusing but, just to be clear - Brodeur has a better winning percentage than every team.  Ever.  Including his own, which suggests, that maybe being fat is advantageous when playing goal, despite all contrary evidence.  Or that this guy is an absolute stud in net.

And while everyone says that Brodeur's numbers are inflated by his team's traptastic system.  I thought the same until this all-star competition in 1999 with both Jaromir Jagr and his mullet (which is basically a 2-0).  Here's the video with matching video quality as my charts.

So, yeah, Marty, is it okay to call him Marty?  Of course it's okay, he's a hockey player and let's face it Martiner, Brodeury, MB, and Brods just don't fit well enough for a future Hall of Famer.  Anyway, Marty looks to be pretty good at his job.  Good job at career day, sir.  Because that curl-tastic mulleted player was also also pretty solid back then.

Now to have even more fun with his numbers.  His offensive stats (in terms of points) would put him 2,742th place all time in the NHL (and, shockingly, not even in the top 3 for goalies all-time).  While that's not good enough to put him in the Hall of Fame by itself, most of us are hanging with Boris Protsenko (Random Penguin! draft pick) tied at 6226th place with zero games played and no points (although Minnesota did credit him with two hits last night). Among a lot of other players that Brodeur ranked higher than, he also had more career points than Ladislav Kohn (186 GP, 14G, 28A), Eric Cairns (457GP, 10G, 32A), and Darcy Hordichuk (542GP, 20G, 22A) although baring injury and benching Hordichuk should pass Brodeur this year or next.  I find this humorous because these hockey players were, you know, trying to score occasionally.  And by looking at the relative number of games played, some more occasionally than others.

So in summary this guy, despite having the Eric Cartman physique, is damn good in net and has two career NHL goals to put some ding-dongs on a cake.  Because all goalies love ding dongs.  Especially Marty.

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