Thursday, October 23, 2014

Imagining NHL Players at Disneyland

So this happened.
Photo taken from DisZine
Living in Orange County, California, its hard to ignore Disneyland.  Especially at night with fireworks going off nightly at 9:25 pm during the summer, or so I hear.  From my house.  Every.  Single.  Night.

The other week Yahoo Puck Daddy's own West Coaster Jen Neale mentioned on twitter how she likes looking for hockey references while at Disneyland.  Here's how I imagine NHL players at Disneyland and what they'd be doing while there.

Setup:  At the conclusion of the NHL season, all the players head over to Disneyland for a private post season party.  Everyone shuffles into the park after a small issue with checking everyone's identification which is quickly resolved after Coach Joel Quenneville tells the staff something to effect of I've got your identification right here.

Jonathan Toews stared into the Eyes of Mara on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride.  Despite the threats of impending doom for looking at Mara's eyes, the soundtrack told him to "I'm sorry sir, have a nice day."

Dustin Byfuglien was at the Big Thunder Ranch all-you-can-eat buffet and reiterated the accuracy of being at the "happiesh playsh on urf" between shovel loads of food.

Nathan Gerbe kept getting turned away from the 'big kids' rides due to his height.

Ilya Bryzgalov went to Space Mountain and was disappointed it wasn't Mission Space, especially after bringing his cosmonaut flight suit.  He was, however, a big fan of Country Bear Jamboree being removed, because, you know, bears and all.

The Washington Capitals were wrongly accused of stealing the costume from Mr. Lincoln from the Great Moments with President Lincoln attraction after the last recipient of their player of the game award wore the hat and beard.

Milan Lucic seemed to enjoy Toy Story Midway Mania probably because he got some practice in that cord-pulling motion at Montreal recently.

Several players from the Tampa Bay Lightning were still arguing over whether to go on Peter Pan or Pirates of the Caribbean with a few guys wearing Team Hook or Team Sparrow hats.  (This one should have been an easy decision.  Pirates: That's where Chris Kunitz put the Cup).

David Booth was having fun at the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade although slightly less after staff asked him to just use the provided guns instead of his bow.

Jonathan Quick brushed up on his Jedi skills at the Jedi Training Academy.  (Incidentally, Nathan Gerbe was sent away from there for being too tall).

Meanwhile some of the Los Angeles Kings were trying to convince some painters working near Sleeping Beauty's Castle, that it needed to be repainted Black and Silver.

Phil Kessel was told he wasn't eligible for the single rider lines with Tyler Bozak still clutching on to him.

Several of the Carolina Hurricanes and Buffalo Sabres got off Big Thunder Mountain and had to be told that wasn't a foretelling of their season's future but new special effects.

Ryan Kesler was politely asked to stop trying to recreate that ESPN Body Issue shot.  And to put his clothes back on, after all it's a family park.

Pavel Datsyuk, being the Magic Man, was mesmerizing people outside the Main Street Magic Shop until Logan Couture fell down.  Again.

The Edmonton Oilers misunderstood Tyler Dellow's lecture to the team on the benefits of possession and rode Haunted Mansion to see a practical example.

After things not working out with the castle Mike Richards and Jeff Carter left Disneyland after citing something about Tom Sawyer's Island being dry, and went over to one of the bars at California Adventure.

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