Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guide to Hockey Player Sign Language

There's more to hockey sign language than this, really.
Many hockey players can speak several languages so it shouldn't be a surprise that many know a specialized form of sign language.  This isn't your typical American Sign Language but rather a version that all hockey players know. 

Obvious things, like the picture of the Bruins' Andrew Ference (via showing the Montreal fans where they rank in his heart are well, obvious. 

Below is a handy guide to hockey player sign language with the gesture and what it really means. 

  • Holding both hands up - "I'm innocent."
  • Holding both hands up after having their stick broken - "Hey Ref, I'm pretty sure my stick was in perfect working order before that slash, you might want to do something about that."
  • Pointing at stands in the direction of the puck - "That should be a delay of game penalty" OR "Hey Ref, the puck went that way, just in case you missed it."
  • Head randomly snaps back - "nothing happened but I'm hoping to draw a penalty."
  • Eyes and mouth wide open with a look of pure disbelief - "You're calling something against me?  I'm a god-damn angel."
  • Player is doing cartwheels down the ice like a tumbleweed - "I'm really trying to draw a penalty." (Ryan Kesler only.)
  • Quickly moving hands down which throws gloves off - "You insult my honor good Sir/I want to turn your face into mashed potatoes."
  • Slams stick on ice/boards - "I made a mistake" OR "My team sucks."
  • Head on dasher - "My team made a big mistake or just lost."  OR a recent stick in the tender bits made them question their chosen profession.
  • Rolling dice motion - "Wanna play D&D later?" OR (more likely) "yeah, yeah; Go stuff it."
  • Putting hand to mouth or eye checking for blood - "Mr Referee, I'm pretty sure that you should give that guy a few more penalty minutes."
  • Goalie throwing hands up - "Come on boys, quit screening me."
  • Goalie taking a drink of water under the soft flashing red glow of a nearby light - Just got scored on.
  • Gesture that sort of looks like someone is eating a banana - You know, I think that one is pretty self explanatory.  And if not, I think Greg Wyshynski put it better than I can.
Any more that should be added to this list?   Add them to the comments.

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