Friday, January 3, 2014

Drinking (Video) Game: NHL 14

Two of things I really enjoy are video games and beer.  Sometimes these are enjoyed together.  Other times the games can drive you to drink.  I find this to be the case for EA's NHL 14 game.

As a disclaimer, I generally don't play drinking games as I like to savor the beers I drink, but I found myself take sips of beer after many of the items on the list below, which was the inspiration for this post.

Most of my time has been spent in the Live the Life mode and the Anniversary mode (which is just simple fun).  I may expand this later for GM mode after I get some time playing with that.

Take a drink when...
  1. or your teammate bobbles a clean pass
  2. or your teammate pass like a drunk beer leaguer
  3. audibly compare the NHL game to your beer league game
    1. ...drink again if anyone listening to you agrees
  4. use the poke check button and get called for tripping
  5. accuse the computer of diving
  6. use the sticklift command and get called for high sticking
  7. ...your opponent can poke check and stick lift freely
  8. get into a stupid post hit fight
    1. ...drink again if you probably deserved it
  9. can't start a stupid post hit fight
  10. get into a fight defending a teammate
  11. ...the announcers make a mistake about the score, the order of scoring, etc.
  12. ...the game shows a weird statistic (like 1/3 on the PP with 0 shots)
  13. swear at the game
    1. Note: I'd recommend drinking lower ABV beers if you follow this rule
  14. drop your controller (in anger or the "I'm a badass mic drop after a sweet breakaway move" (just as a random example, not saying I did that in overtime of a playoff game or anything))
  15. ...your teammates won't pass to you if you're wide open unless you call for it
  16. ...they even ignore you when you call for it
  17. ...they only finally make the pass when three defenders have converged to cover you
  18. get ripped off on ice time compared to your line mates
  19. get sent to the minors
    1. ... and you're in the top 3 forwards in scoring at the time
    2. ... and you're in the top 2 defensemen in scoring at the time
  20. You play like crap in the minors and but still get called up
  21. ...your game task is frustrating and completing it might hurt your team
  22. play online and someone says something dumb or rude
    1. drink two if it's both
  23. score a glitch goal
  24. ...the computer scores a glitch goal
  25. are annoyed/complain about 23 but not 22
  26.'re playing online and someone is doing this (or a variant).  (If this happens, hit me up on twitter or in the comments.
If you're playing goalie... just drink freely, you'll probably need it.

Note: Please don't drink and drive.  Know when you've had enough to drink and stop.  And, finally, realize this is for humor value, not to drink yourself into oblivion.

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